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This is a 150mm (6") f4 Maksutov Newtonian reflector resurrected from an abandoned prototype. Painted bright yellow, it has been dubbed the Notatakahashi. This is another image of the Notatakahashi, with the Rigel Quikfinder attached.
 14" f4.5 StarGazer Telescope - Note the optical illusion that makes the secondary cage look larger than the mirror box. It is not larger. 14" f4.5 with a side view. Notice the lack of the forementioned optical illusion. The new cell design is working well.
12.5" f8 after completion in early 2006. This is the multi-truss design that has worked out well. 13.1" f4.4 after completion in early 2006. This scope has a large mirror, yet maintains an eyepiece height at zenith of 4'10".
13.1" f4.4, 15" f4.8, and the 12.5" f8 Dobsonians 13.1" f4.4, 15" f4.8, and the 12.5" f8 Dobsonians at zenith to show the vast difference in eyepiece height.
15" f4.8 at the Almost Heaven Star Party 2005 in West Virginia 15" f4.8 at the Astronomy Day 2005 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

Watch for more photos to come.



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